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Lena Sisco has an extensive background in conducting interrogations/interviews and detecting deception.  She has published books, given a TEDx talk, and served as a detecting deception expert on a TV show working alongside private investigators and polygraphers.  Lena has been training the Department of Defense, military and law enforcement personnel, including the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Border Patrol, Defense Intelligence Agency, Navy Special Warfare, as well as other local, State, and Federal Agencies, in interrogation and advanced strategic interviewing techniques since 2003.  She is a former certified Military Interrogator who has interrogated members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban while deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, shortly after 9/11.  Her ability to build rapport, employ effective questioning techniques, accurately read body language, conduct statement analysis, and ultimately gain trust and cooperation from radical individuals with strong allegiances to each other, led to numerous successes that saved American lives.  Her techniques have been used to apprehend criminals, collect necessary intelligence for our military and assist individuals in their personal and professional lives.  

Lena has her certificate in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University and is certified in Organizational Change Management, Discovery Learning Institute's Change Style Indicator and Change Navigator, and Power + Systems Lab's Organizational Workshop.  As a SAIC facilitator, she trains numerous government agency personnel in leadership skills, organizational change management, and enhanced interpersonal communication skills.  She founded her company, the Congruency Group, in 2013.  

Lena Sisco trains clients in elite and specialized skill sets such as conversational elicitation, body language, deceptive analysis, leadership, and enhanced interpersonal communication skills to help them succeed both personally and professionally.  Her unique ability to connect with diverse people and a wide spectrum of audiences results in countless success stories from various leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, investigators, and more. 

Since 2003, Lena Sisco has had the privilege of providing her expertise to organizations and agencies of all sizes from a variety of industries.  Her motto is "always remain a student."  Indeed she does, even as she trains others, she continually seeks opportunities to grow.  She holds a Master’s Degree from Brown University in Old World Archaeology and Art and at some point in the future, her goal is to enter into a Ph.D. program in Forensic Psychology.  Keep reading to learn more about what Lena has to offer you or your organization, and feel free to contact her at any time for additional information.



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What Inspires You

Where do you get your inspiration from? A conversation? A meeting? A class? An adventure? A book? A work of art? Dinner with a friend?

To inspire ourselves, we must invest in ourselves. When it comes to investing in ourselves - our mental agility and personal growth - we shouldn't put a price tag on that. Most of us do not have an inexhaustible supply of money, yet we should budget for personal development. What we invest in gaining knowledge, will come back ten-fold to us. I am a perfect example of this. I had years of OTJ experience and was considered to be an expert in body language and detecting deception. Eight years ago I invested thousands of dollars in those same subjects! It was one of the best investments I ever made. I grew in ways I hadn't thought of. I am continually seeking out knowledge from others and sharing my knowledge with others.  If training inspires you, take it! If you want to push yourself to grow, personally and professionally, do it!  

"There is no wealth like knowledge, no poverty like ignorance." ~ Buddha 

Please contact me with any questions about the knowledge I can share with you. 



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Lena Sisco works with each client to find the best and most effective means of unlocking their potential and has the ability to deliver this experience in countless ways. She offers 3-day courses, full-day workshops, and half-day seminars, as well as online training hosted on Thinkific: Lena also offers 1-hour fun, interactive, and inspirational webinars with special guests. To learn more, contact Lena or read about the training options she offers on her company website,


As a highly experienced Keynote Speaker, Lena Sisco knows how to provide exactly what you and your team need for success.  She is highly engaging and enthusiastic because she truly loves what she does and is an expert in what she does.  You can find out more on her company's website, To book your Keynote Speaking event today please contact Kerry Strollo at +1 781-369-5946 or email her at


Committed to teaching others how to achieve new levels of performance and happiness, Lena Sisco is ready to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to work on your self-awareness and confidence, be able to accurately read people, learn vital communication do's and don'ts or learn highly effective interviewing and leadership skills, you can book your one-on-one training with Lena. Contact her today to discuss information regarding a program designed specifically for you.



Meet the four Profilers: Lena, Janine Driver, Susan Ibitz, and Michelle Dresbold

Lena, Janine, Susan, and Michelle formed a task force, the Profiler Task Force to decode human behavior and teach you things that will help you protect your family, your friends, and your finances. Watch us every week on our YouTube Channel as we reveal to you the story behind the story and teach you skills and techniques that you can use in your life. We invite you to join us each week as we assess celebrities, criminals, and cold cases.  You can also join our Patreon family and get special access to some super cool stuff.   We have four Ambassador tiers that you can join each offering you access to exclusive content, live Q&A, one-on-one coaching sessions, and much, much, more.



Authentic Testimonials



"Our team loved your session today.  Thank you so much for volunteering and for taking the time to test our system and to conduct the virtual training.  It’s not easy to talk to a screen and get no reaction but there was a great deal of engagement and note-taking going on.  The content was excellent and one of our VP’s told me she used something she learned in a conversation with a team member after the session.  You are a rock star and we loved hearing from you today."


"I didn't realize how effective elicitation was until you guys elicited information out of me and I had no idea what was happening."


"Lena, thank you for coming to speak. We learned so much and you were so engaging!"


"Wow! I learned so much. Not sure where to start. This was the best session of the ALFP, in my opinion. Your presentation was fascinating and you are an outstanding presenter. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and skills with us!!"


"Lena, we would like to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave to our group at the Spy Museum on 10/23. You were so engaging! Not only were you able to give us some great information, but our group had a wonderful time too. In fact, one of the heads of a different division heard us talking about your presentation the next day and was so impressed that she may contact you to set up a speaking engagement for her group."


"Thank you for the lessons on effective communication and a lovely experience!"


"Lena knew her material, without a doubt her methods are the best! Her enthusiasm is through the roof!”


"Lena spent all day with us and kept us interested the entire time! She has a wealth of information and presented it with enthusiasm."


"Lively storytelling, verbalizing the relevance of our increasing need to be alive to 'real facts' in working with clients, staff, and peers."


"Lena was fun, engaging and taught us vital information that we can use with our peers, colleagues, and clients."


"Lena, you killed it this week and I hope you’re feeling the impact you made on so many of Nestle’s awesome women, whose lives you touched so deeply in those 48 hours."


"Lena was extremely engaging.  I can see so many applications for her skillset in what we do, particularly as it relates to business development.  Bring her back for NA Tax!"


“Her presentation on body language was relevant to my day-to-day activities and how I interact with clients.”


"We won the case! Thank you SO much. If you’re looking for referrals where credibility is an issue – do let me know. You may get a lot of business from lawyers who seek the truth bolstered by your sage interpretation."


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